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When we can't get away, another great place we like to go is Webster Wildlife Area, also here in Kingston. From Rte 125 turn into the old Kingston Fairgrounds. Follow the dirt road about a half a mile, past the new playground. Watch for parking on the left. You can follow the trail through and back to the dirt road, using the road to make a big loop back to the parking area, or you can retrace through the woods. either way it is an enjoyable hike through some beautiful Hemlock and Northern White Cedar. Side trails can take you to vantage points for viewing this wonderful wild part of the Powow River. Other side trails will bring you to Cedar Swamp, a large bog and wonderful natural area for wildlife viewing. Also there is a nice planted grove of Red Pine. The Webster Wildlife Area is maintained by the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. Visit their website at:


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